Immersive podcasting concept — Frekvent App

What if you could step into the very narrative you are listening to - and do so in a geographically relevant and convincing way? That was the exact questions I was asking myself, during the initial phase of creating this prototype for an iOS-application. Radio being the oldest of digital media and a booming format these days, I set out to explores the possibilities of making an audio narrative a more immersive experience through utilising GPS-tracking, geofencing, the compass and gyroscope of our smartphones.  I went through an extensive research phase into the narrative construction of great literature and looked for common denominators of storytelling; the narrative curvature of excitement, cliffhangers, character building etc. 
In order to execute the prototype, I had to learn basic swift programming syntax to make a native clickable prototype - since I realised that tools have been created to help out with this phase. But it was important to me understanding all the phases from initial idea to development. 

Did stuff

Academic research
Art direction
Graphic design
Motion graphics