Welcome, I'm a multidisciplinary producer
and director of Public Address;
operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tropical Dystopia
Travel photography from an abandoned water park in Vietnam


Restaurant Amass
Concept and production of film about sustainability in the restaurant business

Thermal solutions and climate management is probably one of the most invisible and unsexy aspects of your everyday home - but in a sense it is the beating, heating heart, that envelopes some of lifes great moments. Bosch was launching a new top-of-the-line series of heat pumps centered around sustainability, efficiency and a fire-and-forget approach, powered by AI. I worked on the creative platform, script and art direction on the campaign as Creative Advisor at Primetime. The film is produced in colaboration with Octopuss.tv

Socialistisk Folkeparti
Production of video, photography and print materials for day-to-day use and the danish general election 2019