Tropical Dystopia — Ho Thuy Tien Abandoned Water Park - Hué, Vietnam. 

A few kilometers south of Hué, Vietnam this strange places materialized with the woods. 

It used to be a multi-million fun fair but suddently it went bankrupt and was left to rot. Apparently the owners left behind a colony of alligators within a terrarium for several year before being rescued. We had to bribe a kid to show us in, because the main entrance is guarded by some locals. Of course, it’s all a scam and you can actually get there easily without the fuss - or you could still 

bribe the kid, it’s a great experience being led to believe there is a lot of guards inside; that you need to have an appointment or know someone inside that can vouch for you. Once you get in, you feel like you are visiting Jurassic Park after all the critters have left - only greeted by the huge dragon/unicorn on the small island.